Alocasia macrorrhizos var. variegata

Every single leaf is different on Alocasia macrorrhizos var. variegata (K.Koch & C.D.Bouché) Furtado which is a variegated variety of Alocasia macrorrhizos (L.) G.Don,  a tuberous, herbaceous species. Has highly variable leaf blade colouration from dark green, through lime green, to white. The arrow-shaped, triangular leaf blades grow stout and can achieve very large sizes.


Genus name comes from the Greek words a meaning without and Colocasia the name of a closely allied genus, from which it was separated.

Alocasia macrorrhizos var. variegata

VAT Included
  • Name: Alocasia macrorrhizos var. variegata (K.Koch & C.D.Bouché) Furtado
    Type: Bulb
    Form: Hemicryptophytes or Chamaephytes
    Family: Araceae
    Native Range: C. Malesia to Queensland
    Zone: 11-13
    Habitat: unknown
    Height: 75 to 350cm
    Spread: 75 to 350cm
    Sun: Part shade
    Water: Medium
    Maintenance: Medium
    Leaf: Evergreen
    Tolerate: Semi Shade

    Taxon identifiers (Alocasia macrorrhizos) PlantList-ID : kew-6734 Tropicos ID : 2100228 IPNI plant ID : 84169-1 NCBI taxonomy ID : 227493 GBIF ID : 5329876 Encyclopedia of Life ID : 1105709 WCSPF ID : 6734 Plants of the World online ID : IRMNG ID : 10254460 iNaturalist taxon ID : 543404 eBiodiversity ID : 517659 ID : 278841 World Flora Online ID : wfo-0000949010

    Synonyms (Alocasia macrorrhizos): = ? rapiformis Roxb. = Alocasia cordifolia (Bory) Cordem. ≡ Alocasia gigas Chantrier = Alocasia gigas Chantrier ex André = Alocasia grandis N.E.Br. = Alocasia harrisii-pulchrum Pynaert = Alocasia indica (Lour.) Spach = Alocasia indica var. diversifolia Engl. = Alocasia indica var. heterophylla Engl. = Alocasia indica var. metallica (Schott) Schott = Alocasia indica var. metallica Schott ex Engl. = Alocasia indica var. rubra (Hassk.) Engl. = Alocasia indica var. typica Engl. = Alocasia indica var. variegata (K.Koch & C.D.Bouché) Engl. = Alocasia indica var. violacea Engl. = Alocasia insignis Pynaert = Alocasia macrorrhiza (L.) Schott = Alocasia macrorrhizos (L.) Schott = Alocasia macrorrhizos var. rubra (Hassk.) Furtado = Alocasia macrorrhizos var. variegata (K.Koch & C.D.Bouche) Furtado = Alocasia macrorrhizos var. variegata (K.Koch & C.D.Bouché) B.S.Williams = Alocasia marginata N.E.Br. = Alocasia metallica Schott = Alocasia montana (Roxb.) Schott = Alocasia pallida K.Koch & C.D.Bouché = Alocasia plumbea Van Houtte = Alocasia rapiformis (Roxb.) Schott = Alocasia uhinkii Engl. & K.Krause = Alocasia variegata K.Koch & C.D.Bouché = Arum cordifolium Bory = Arum indicum Lour. ≡ Arum macrorrhizon L. = Arum montanum Roxb. = Arum mucronatum Lam. = Arum peregrinum L. = Arum rapiforme Roxb. = Caladium indicum K.Koch = Caladium indicum infrasubsp. publ = Caladium macrorrhizon (L.) R.Br. = Caladium metallicum Engl. = Caladium odoratum G.Lodd. = Caladium plumbeum C.Koch, 1857 = Caladium plumbeum K.Koch = Caladium plumbeum infrasubsp. publ = Calla badian Blanco = Calla maxima Blanco = Colocasia boryi Kunth = Colocasia indica (Lour.) Hassk. = Colocasia indica (Lour.) Kunth = Colocasia indica var. rubra Hassk. = Colocasia macrorrhiza (L.) Schott = Colocasia macrorrhiza var. brisbanica J.H.Simmonds = Colocasia macrorrhizos (L.) Schott = Colocasia montana (Roxb.) Kunth = Colocasia mucronata (Lam.) Kunth = Colocasia peregrina (L.) Raf. = Colocasia rapiformis (Roxb.) Kunth = Philodendron peregrinum (L.) Kunth = Philodendron punctatum Kunth