Anthurium 'Neo-superbum'

One of the most stunning bird-nest Anthuriums, Anthurium 'Neo-superbum' is most likely a hybrid of Anthurium superbum Madison.  Leaves are held vertically erect, leaf blades are narrowly elliptic, thick, stiff and velvety.


The genus name Anthurium is derived from Greek ánthos "flower" + ourá "tail" + New Latin -ium -ium . A very  literal translation of this would be 'flowering tail'.

Anthurium 'Neo-superbum'

VAT Included
  • Name: Anthurium 'Neo-superbum'
    Type: herbaceous evergreen
    Form:  Chamaephytes
    Family: Araceae
    Native Range: hybrid/ cultivar
    Zone: 10-12
    Habitat: hybrid/ cultivar
    Height: up to 1m
    Spread: 50-100cm
    Sun: Part shade
    Water: Medium
    Maintenance: Medium
    Leaf: Evergreen
    Tolerate: Semi Shade

    Taxon identifiers: hybrid/ cultivar

    Synonyms: no synonyms recorded