Cyrtosperma hambalii

A very strikingly elegant plant with its 'rabbit's ears' leaves and slender, perfectly erect inflorescence held high above them, Cyrtosperma hambalii A.Dearden & A.Hay is a rhizomatous herb to ca. 1 m tall. Petioles are erect, short, about half the length of the blade, basally dark olive brown, apically mid green, olive green mottled olive brown in between. Leaf blades are sagittate, held with the posterior lobes erect and the anterior lobe pointing obliquely down. Anterior lobe is much shorter than the posterior, narrowly triangular.

The genus name, Cyrtosperma comes from greek 'Curved seed'; probably referring to the shape of the seed.

Cyrtosperma hambalii

VAT Included
  • Name: Cyrtosperma hambalii A.Dearden & A.Hay
    Type: herbaceous evergreen
    Form:  Rhizome hemicryptophytes
    Family: Araceae
    Native Range: SW. New Guinea
    Zone: 12-13
    Habitat: not yet described
    Height: up to150cm ?
    Spread: 60-100cm ?
    Sun: Part shade
    Water: Medium
    Maintenance: Low
    Leaf: Evergreen
    Tolerate: Semi Shade

    Taxon identifiers: PlantList-ID : kew-54883, IPNI plant ID : 20001020-1; Tropicos ID : 50274454; GBIF taxonKey : 2871917; Encyclopedia of Life ID : 1111965; WCSPF ID : 54883; Plants of the World online ID :; IRMNG ID : 10255018; World Flora Online ID : wfo-0000936214; Open Tree of Life ID : 3999182

    Synonyms: no synonyms are recorded