Epipremnum giganteum

The very dramatic and beautiful Epipremnum giganteum Schott is a very large to gigantic root-climber to 60 m. Foliage leaves evenly distributed but lower leaves often falling and then leaves tending to become clustered distally. Petiole  canaliculate, dark green to slightly glaucous, smooth, air-drying pale brown. Leaf lamina oblong-elliptic, slightly falcate, stiffly chartaceous to coriaceous, apex acute to slightly acuminate, base unequal-rounded, one side often produced into a rounded to truncate posterior lobe, glossy bright green, margins hyaline, prominently reddish to yellowish in exposed situations; overall venation densly striate.

The genus name Epipremnum is derived from the Greek terms 'epi' (upon) and 'premna' (tree stump), a reference to the epiphytic growth habit of plants from this genus.

Epipremnum giganteum

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  • Name: Epipremnum giganteum Schott
    Type: herbaceous evergreen
    Form:  Epiphytic chamaephytes
    Family: Araceae
    Native Range: Myanmar (?), Malaysia Peninsular, Singapore, Cambodia (?),Thailand, Vietnam.
    Zone: 12-13
    Habitat: Quartz ridge vegetation, limestone and marble hills and cliffs, hill forest, established oil palm plantation on iron-rich alluvium, damp lowland rainforest, swamp forest. 90--170 m.
    Height: uo to 60m
    Spread: 75-150cm
    Sun: Part shade
    Water: Medium
    Maintenance: Low
    Leaf: Evergreen
    Tolerate: Semi Shade

    Taxon identifiers: PlantList-ID : kew-70488; IPNI plant ID : 87025-1; Tropicos ID : 2102733; Encyclopedia of Life ID : 1101368; Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID : 2868332 ;WCSPF ID : 70488; Plants of the World online ID : urn:lsid:ipni.org:names:87025-1; IRMNG ID : 10701345; iNaturalist taxon ID : 425608; Google Knowledge Graph ID : /g/12365mvj; World Flora Online ID : wfo-0000952380

    Synonyms: = Monstera gigantea (Roxb.) Schott = Pothos giganteus Roxb. = Rhaphidophora gigantea (Roxb.) Ridl. = Scindapsus giganteus (Roxb.) Schott