Monstera sp. 'Esqueleto' (formerly epipremnoides)

A very elegant and delicate Monstera sp. 'Esqueleto' (formerly epipremnoides) is a stunning aroid cultivar. It has been observed in cultivation since 2018, most likely originated from collections at Kew Gardens. It is thought to be a wild collected species, of as yet unkown origin. Previously, incorrectly named 'epipremnoides' which is a very different Monstera species. It is a very robust plant, a hemi-epiphyte.

Leaf blades are dark green in color and can grow up to 78 cm long and 43 cm wide. It has small perforations along the length of the midrib and larger perforations that often extend from close to the midrib to the margin, usually not breaking the margin. At maturity the internodes are stacked and leaves fan out. Petiolar sheaths are persistent and extend up to 1/5th the length of the petiole below the geniculum.


The current name 'Esqueleto'  originated from a discussion on a Facebook group ('Monstera (Monstereae) Enthusiasts') and was suggested by Jody Benicek because the mature leaf blades look like a rib cage with the layout of large perforations.

The genus name Monstera ( modern Latin), comes perhaps from Latin monstrum ‘monster’ (because of the unusual appearance of the leaves in some species). (uncertain)

Monstera sp. 'Esqueleto' (formerly epipremnoides)

VAT Included
  • Monstera sp. (formerly epipremnoides)

    Family: Araceae

    Origin: not known

    Soil: well draining

    Sun/shade: bright light to shade

    Watering: frequent