Philodendron furcatum

Conditions preferred by this plant are rather difficult to achive by home growers. This is one of the reasons Philodendron furcatum Croat & D.C.Bay is still very rarely encountered in collections. It is characterized by its terrestrial habit; scandent stems; cataphylls that are unribbed, pale green, and that weather to pale fibers; and ovate to triangular-ovate, bullate, markedly bicolorous blades that are deeply cordate with lobes directed downward and outward forming a hippocrepiform sinus. The venation is particularly striking because the major veins are pale green but are sunken in dark green valleys adaxially, and the primary lateral veins are prominently forked (hence the epithet ‘‘furcatum’’). This plant is best grown in low light conditions (under 2500 lumens), very high humidity and lower temperatures (not above 30 C), as it is soewhat heat intolerant, even for short periods of time. Extremely susceptible to mite infestations and leaf loss if kept hot and dry.


From the Modern Latin genus name Philodendron (Schott, 1830), from Greek philodendron, neuter of philodendros "loving trees," from philo- "loving" (see philo-) + dendron "tree" (from PIE *der-drew-, from root *deru- "to be firm, solid, steadfast," also forming words for "wood, tree"). The plant so called because it clings to trees.


Philodendron furcatum

VAT Included
  • Name: Philodendron furcatum Croat & D.C.Bay
    Type: herbaceous evergreen
    Form:  Epiphytic chamaephytes
    Family: Araceae
    Native Range: Colombia
    Zone: 11-13
    Habitat: Tropical rain forest transition to Premontane (T-rf/P), below 150 m. It has been found in regrowth forest on stream banks in dense shade.
    Height: to 2-3m
    Spread: 50-100cm
    Sun: Part shade
    Water: Medium
    Maintenance: high
    Leaf: Evergreen
    Tolerate: Semi Shade

    Taxon identifiers: PlantList-ID : kew-459016; IPNI plant ID : 77098946-1; Tropicos ID : 50158000; Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID : 5950139; WCSPF ID : 459016; Plants of the World online ID :; ID : 760274; eBiodiversity ID : 574655; World Flora Online ID : wfo-0000914052

    Synonyms: no synonyms recorded