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To read more about the genera available on our website, please head to the respective pages linked below. We have provided some basic information and care advice for each.However, always make sure to research where the species you grow comes from and how it grows in its natural habitat. It's the best way to find out which conditions to try to imitate at home, so that your plants not only survive, but thrive.

All the plants currently available for sale, are always listed in the IN STOCK section. This plant catalogue is for information only.

We endeavor to collect all the up-to-date information about the plants we sell, however for full details, please refer to to the Taxon Identifiers listed with every species.
All data included in plant descriptions is taken from references listed in the LINKS section, which contains web addresses of the most reliable institutions and blogs containing everything from taxonomy, to plant care, to glossaries of plant terms. We cannot recommend them highly enough to all those, who want to broaden their knowledge of plants.


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