Welcome to Foliage Factory, an online shop for plant collectors and plant lovers.

you collect plants, we will do our best to help you enrich your collection.
If you don't collect plants, it's really time to start! Grow your plant collection with us!

We offer a  carefully curated selection of the most interesting, rare, essential and beginner's houseplants.

Foliage factory exists since 2018. That is when I have decided to share my passion with other like-minded people. What was my hobby for almost 20 years now, has expanded into this little online venture which aims to introduce, support and supply all the interested plant collectors out there.

Plants have been a part of my life and in my family since I can remember, so collecting, caring for them and propagating them, came to me naturally. My plant collection includes a very wide variety of genera and species, from miniature orchids, through aroids, to succulents, cacti, African violets, various ferns, tropical orchids, begonias and many more... Plants are my safe place, and so I am also an avid gardener, growing a perennial garden and roses. Plants are a huge part of my every-day life and I would not have it any other way. Plants are also always a wonderful learning process to me, there is so much to find out and observe!

Foliage factory's aim is to share this passion and to provide all those wonderful, beautiful, interesting plants to plant lovers. Our main specialty has always been rare plants, their propagation and circulation. Because of many years in this hobby, I have been able to accumulate a plethora of some wonderful plant specimens and share them with countless other collectors. So, in essence, this shop sprung from the hobby and is supporting it, and in turn the hobby is supporting the shop with new additions and information I can provide.

Thanks to our lovely customers, followers, a wonderful group of friends who supported me from the very beginning of this process (you know who you are!), and my very, very patient family, Foliage Factory grew into a relatively well-known little online shop and a stop for rare plants.

First and foremost, we always strive for quality of our product. We take great pride not only in the condition of the plants we sell, but also in the packaging and shipping solutions we offer.

We propagate and grow a lot of plants ourselves, but we also partner with some fabulous growers in Indonesia, Thailand and around Europe. We ship from Germany and from the Netherlands.

Our focus on rare plant is not shifting, but due to many requests and suggestions, we are currently in process of expanding our plant portfolio. We hope to be able to offer a selection of the most interesting plants for 'all levels' and any pocket. We hope for your continuing support and custom.

Thank you!          x Jagna

P.S. I really do not like my pictures taken, but here is my cat (making himself comfortable on an obliqua cutting), whom a lot of you know and who is always there, around our plants, and always ready to bomb a photo.