foliage factory is a one-person-small-business which sprung from passion, or rather an obsession, with plants.

Aroids, which are the primary focus of this shop, are just of the families I am trying to get to know better and to learn about. Plant growing, propagation and care, are my 24/7 activities since I have decided to give up my other passion - architecture. This shop is a way of sustaining the hobby. And the hobby is what drives this shop.

I have been collecting and learning about plants for many years now, and I have gone through all the highs and lows of living with them. Some of you may know me from  social media, before I decided it's not right for me, so you may remember the extent of my fascination for plants.

Because I work by myself (and so far I have no intention of expanding), this shop's restock are small and irregular. I only sell plants which are grown by me, or propagated from imported plants. Neither do I buy wholesale plants, nor do I flip recent imports, that is why I cannot promise quantity or timing. In my opinion every plant needs its own time to grow, develop or recover. And when I see they are ready, only then are they being sold.

If I sell imported plants, I aim at a period of 6 months of acclimatization before the plants are listed online for sale. I am currently aiming at selling 75% of own propagations and reducing imports as much as possible.

I am extremely lucky to have a wonderful, little family, who treats all my many new plant projects with the utmost patience and support. And I wouldn't be able to do what I do, if it weren't for the amazing, tight circle of friends who help me in many, many ways with my crazy plant endevours (you know, who you are!).

I am always on the lookout for new additions to to my collection, and so eventually, to the shop. It makes me very happy to be able to offer species which have never been in circulation in Europe before, and to widen your collections as well. To make those 'rare' plants less rare. Trends come and go, but plants stay fascinating, teach patience, humility and appreciation. At least for me, every little developing node, seedling and propagation are a joy to experience.

Thank you to all my customers and followers for your continued support, so far this has been a wonderful endevour!

                                                                      x Jagna