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  1. Carefully unpack the plant

  2. Please check the roots, stems and leaves for any transport damage. If there is anything you are unhappy about, please contact us as soon as possible.

  3. For the first few weeks keep the plant exclusively in the pot and medium we send it with. Changing the medium causes an additional stress to the plant and is not recommended.

  4. Please note that re-potting your plant within the 28-day guarantee period will void the guarantee.

  5. The medium you keep your plant in should be very loosely packed in the pot, Very fluffy and allowing for a lot of air circulation.

  6. The medium should always be kept just slightly moist and never wet for longer periods of time, this can lead to root rot very quickly.

  7. Make sure that the plant is in an environment with high-air-humidity.

  8. Make sure the plant receives ample light, ideally place it under a good-quality plant light, no direct sunlight.

  9. Your plant will have been fertilized shortly  before transport. There is no need to fertilize it again, unless it's a diluted vitamin solution or foliage fertilizer.

  10. Make sure the plant is in a well-ventilated space, even if it is a terrarium or a greenhouse

  11. When you notice fresh root growth on your plant, you can carefully re-pot it it to your favorite medium.

  12. We strongly discourage from re-potting your plant straight after you receive it. Checking the roots very carefully is absolutely fine, but keeping it in the same medium it has been grown in, will save it from going through additional shock. Give it some time to get over the transport.

  13. Be careful not to over-water the plant. Just because it’s been in a box for a few days, does not mean it needs to be watered. Enough light and stable air humidity is more important at this stage.

  14. For more information, please refer to the our PLANT CARE PAGE , our GENERA INFO PAGES and/ or to the many, many very informative and valuable LINKS we recommend.

  15. Don’t be scared, experiment, have fun. Don’t give up. Plants are unbelievably resilient. And rewarding.


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