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Nepenthes Dark Secret

genus: Nepenthes L.

common name/s: tropical pitcher plants, monkey cups

type: liana-forming pitcher plants

family: Nepenthaceae

native range: from South China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines; westward to Madagascar (two species) and the Seychelles (one); southward to Australia (four) and New Caledonia (one); and northward to India (one) and Sri Lanka (one). The greatest diversity occurs on Borneo, Sumatra, and the Philippines

zone: 10 to 12

height: up to 20 m

spread: to 2 m

type species: Nepenthes distillatoria L.

bloom time: rarely flowers indoors

sun: part shade

water: medium to high

maintenance: medium to high

soil type: loose, open soil that remains wet to moist but allows drainage of excess water

toxicity: non toxic to pets or humans


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