Syngonium 'Pink spot'

Syngonium 'Pink spot' has light pink foliage adorned with darker pink spots. It is a cultivar of Syngonium podophyllum Schott.


Syngonium are climbing epiphytic or hemiepiphytic herbaceous ever-greens native to humid forest floors of Central and South America. Juvenile leaves are simple and arrowhead in shape, whereas mature leaves are compound with elliptic shaped leaflets. Due to their colored foliar variegation and tolerance to low light levels, syngoniums in their juvenile stage have been grown as ornamental foliage plants and used for interior plantscaping Among the recognized species, S. podophyllum Schott, commonly known as arrow-head vine, is one of the most widely produced plants in the foliage plant industry.


Genus name from new Latin, name of the genus comes from the Greek words σύν ( syn - plus, z) and γονή ( gone - gonada) and refers to the fused ovaries of female flowers.

Syngonium 'Pink spot'

VAT Included
  • Syngonium 'Pink spot'

    Family: Araceae

    Origin: originates from tropical America, however variegated plants are mostly cultivars

    Soil: well draining

    Sun/shade: filtered sun, will tolerate shade

    Watering: frequent