Aglaonema modestum 'Spilt Milk'

Very unexpected variegation patterns can be expected on each and every leaf of  Aglaonema modestum 'Spilt Milk' which  is a variegated form of the more common Aglaonema modestum, an evergreen perennial that generally resembles dieffenbachia (dumb cane) in appearance. It typically grows up to 50cm tall. Thick, elliptic to lance-shaped, medium green leaves with light green and white colour splodges on erect, sometimes branched stems.

Genus name comes from the Greek words aglaos meaning bright or clear and nema meaning a thread in reference to the stamens.

Aglaonema modestum 'Spilt Milk'

VAT Included
  • Name: Aglaonema modestum 'Split Milk', a chimeral variegated form of Aglaonema modestum Schott ex Engl
    Type: Herbaceous perennial
    Form: Chamaephytes
    Family: Araceae
    Native Range: SE. Bangladesh to S. China
    Zone: 9 to 11
    Habitat: warm, very humid, shady tropical forest habitat
    Height: 30 to 50cm
    Spread: 30 to 50cm
    Sun: Part shade to full shade
    Water: Medium
    Maintenance: Medium
    Leaf: Evergreen
    Tolerate: Heavy Shade

    Taxon identifiers (Aglaonema modestum): NCBI taxonomy ID : 174182; PlantList-ID : kew-4675; IPNI plant ID : 84081-1; Tropicos ID : 2100049; Encyclopedia of Life ID : 1091998; Flora of China ID : 200027135; Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID : 2866488; Catalogue of Life in Taiwan ID : 418028; EPPO Code : AGLMO; WCSPF ID : 4675; Plants of the World online ID :; IRMNG ID : 11232098; iNaturalist taxon ID : 464564; CAB ID : 14163; World Flora Online ID : wfo-0000921877

    Synonyms: Aglaonema acutispathum N.E.Br. = Aglaonema costatum var. viride Engl. = Aglaonema laoticum Gagnep. ≡ Aglaonema modestum Schott